CHSPChesapeake (stock symbol)
CHSPCertified Healthcare Safety Professional (various organizations)
CHSPCongregate Housing Services Program
CHSPChipping Sparrow (bird species Spizella passerina)
CHSPComputer Hardware Specialist
CHSPCenter for Health and Social Policy
CHSPComprehensive Health & Safety Process (United Parcel Service)
CHSPCertified Homeland Security Professional (job title)
CHSPCertified Hospital Safety Professional
CHSPCommon Hardware/Software Program
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One example of that evolution was the change to the fundamental base of the CHSP pyramid.
A typical CHSP committee consists of 10 percent of the workforce.
A quick review of the CHSP Committee Member Handbook demonstrates the importance that UPS places on work site analysis; approximately one-third of the document is devoted to how instances will be calculated, investigated, evaluated and corrected (see Exhibit 2).
The workbook provides claim details so that CHSP committee members can determine trends as to when injuries and crashes occur, factors that contribute to them, or even road conditions at the time of a crash.
The next layer of the CHSP pyramid deals with hazard prevention and control, which is the mechanism for generating potential solutions to problems outlined in the analysis.
The company believes that when coupled with the employee mentoring program, the next evolution of CHSP will prove even more effective, and possibly result in even fewer unsafe incidents.
These programs focus on four functional groups: inside employee, delivery driver, feeder driver (tractor/trailer), and CHSP co-chair.
Worldwide, UPS has more than 4,000 CHSP committees and virtually every committee has a wellness champion who educates the workers and their families on health-related topics.
In short, CHSP is a comprehensive safety process with a simple goal: Having UPS employees work in a zero-incident environment.
UPS's experience with the CHSP program has yielded some important "lessons learned"--lessons that may well resonate with companies in other industries pursuing their own supply chain safety initiatives.
This is reflected in the company's emphasis on the personal value component of the CHSP as well as in the recognition programs developed to reinforce a strong safety culture.
In this meeting, we will be guided by our master list of approved and issued CHSP and the registries under D.