CHSPCongregate Housing Services Program
CHSPChipping Sparrow (bird species Spizella passerina)
CHSPCenter for Health and Social Policy
CHSPComprehensive Health & Safety Process (United Parcel Service)
CHSPCertified Homeland Security Professional (job title)
CHSPCertified Hospital Safety Professional
CHSPCommon Hardware/Software Program
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In this meeting, we will be guided by our master list of approved and issued CHSP and the registries under D.
Peg Luebbert, MS, MT (ASCP), CIC, CHSP and Founder of Healthcare Interventions, LLC, offered suggestions for anyone evaluating soft surface fabric solutions, "I suggest you pay close attention to any kill claims made by antimicrobial fabric manufacturers and ensure those claims are backed by the appropriate approvals.
The CHSP will commence on 1 July 2015 and will act as a single, streamlined programme that rolls several existing programmes into one, including Commonwealth Home and Community Care (HACC) and the National Respite for Carers Programme.
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The Safety Committee, which every facility should already have in place, has Steve Wilder, CHSP, STS proven to be the logical starting point in many facilities.
Individuals holding the CHSP work in a variety of positions including safety, health, infection control, risk management, facility management, engineering, environmental services, and other healthcare related positions.
9:50 - 10:50:Bernard Scaglione, CPP, CHSP, CHPA - G4S Secure Solutions, "Fraud Investigation in the Healthcare Setting.
CHSP, CPSO, CHEP Executive Director, Int'l Board for Certification of Safety Managers (AKA: BCHCM) 173 Tucker Road, Suite 202, P.
The new FSM designation can only be earned by those already holding the CHSP credential in good standing.
The Board recently issued the first FSM designations to 20 CHSP Diplomates.