CHSRCenter for Health Services Research
CHSRCoalition for Health Services Research (Washington, DC)
CHSRCenter for Human Sleep Research
CHSRCenter for Health Statistics Research (University of North Carolina)
CHSRCountry Health Statistical Reports (USAID)
CHSRCommunity Health Sciences Research (now Clinical Epidemiology Interdisciplinary Research Group; Cardiff University; UK)
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Pizzabot is currently undergoing further testing and refinements by Carnegie Mellon's CHSR researchers at the Vocational Rehabilitation Center.
Criticising the EU, Yiorkadjis said the bloc should be ashamed for allowing the crisis to escalate to such an extent because "the problems didn't start yesterday" and although initiatives such as the CHSR were wonderful they only alleviated the symptoms but did not solve the problem, he said.
The goal is to fill a container for shipment to the island of Kos, where many refugees are arriving every day," the CHSR said.
Also, the Second Annual HSC Foundation Award recognizing the scientific work of emerging scholars to the field of CHSR, particularly low-income urban children, will be presented during the luncheon.