CHSSSCanadian Heart and Stroke Surveillance System
CHSSSCalifornia Health and Social Services Survey (Rand Corporation)
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The different variables which can influence this have to be taken into account, including a lack of patient education regarding the importance of drug therapy and certain behaviour and habits (such as alcohol consumption) which lead patients to occasionally stopping therapy, the social stigma and desire to conceal one's HIV status, an insurer's ability to deliver drugs, loss of employment and, in turn, loss of CHSSS membership.
It should be noted that the direct cost of antiretroviral therapy was less than that reported by high-income countries (US $19,400 to US$ 23,100 per patient per year) but was in the range of low-income countries (US $350 to $10,000) The CHSSS must evaluate how much it is willing to invest to maintain HIV-infected patients' health and how much should be invested in programmes focused on HIV prevention (26).
The above findings supported the recommendation that programmes caring for HIV patients should take measures to promote greater adherence, use various resources to facilitate continued access to drugs for all patients, even when they have lost their membership in the CHSSS, actively search for patients who are not obtaining lab tests and attending doctors' visits and ensure that patients are educated about compliance.