CHTCCenter for High-Throughput Computing (University of Wisconsin; Madison, WI)
CHTCChapel Hill Tennis Club (Carrboro, NC)
CHTCCommunity Health Training Center (Springfield, IL)
CHTCChapel Hill Town Council
CHTCCoastal Harbor Treatment Center (psychiatric facility; Savannah, GA)
CHTCCommunity Hospital Telehealth Consortium (Louisiana and Mississippi)
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Simulation results for case (c) with a CHTC correlation between the floor surfaces and the air nodes described by Equation 2 are shown in Figure 5c while Figure 5d presents results for the same conditions and a modified mixed convection correlation.
The CHTC has achieved fantastic results dealing with the scale and complexity of self-service, resource-based computing - extending Condor technologies into cloud computing is a natural evolution and has been done in the science world for years.
In addition, Red Hat announced that it has recognized the UW-Madison CHTC as the first recipient of its Red Hat Cloud Leadership Award for its advancements in cloud computing based on the open source Condor project and Red Hat technologies.
20 Companies profiled in this research include PGI, Toray, Mitsui, DuPont, Freudenberg, Kingsafe Group, Wonderful Nonwovens, CHTC Jiahua Nonwoven, Kimberly-Clark, Dalian Ruiguang Nonwoven, Ahlstrom, Johns Manville, Foss Manufacturing Company, Sunshine nonwoven fabric Co.
Manufacturing of machines tailored to the Chinese market combined with intensive collaboration with the CHTC sister companies will be the focus of this new Autefa location.
The CHTC is a unique, visionary community-based healthcare service project organized around seven not-for-profit community hospitals located throughout Louisiana.
CHTC has shown true commitment to their vision of delivering the highest quality care in the most cost-effective manner.
This is because the CHTC at the manifold area is about an order of magnitude higher than that in the air channel due to the former's higher turbulent flows.
9[degrees]F)), the difference of boundary conditions between reality and simulation setup, the uncertainties in the exact slab concrete thickness and evenness, the measured flow rate, the CHTC at the inlet and the outlet, and other minor factors, contribute to the discrepancy between the simulated and measured values (see Chen et al.
Key Chinese Enterprises CHTC HELON, Aoyang Technology, Xinxiang Chemical Fiber, Nanjing Chemical Fiber, Jilin Chemical Fiber, Swan Fiber, Sanyou Chemical, Hubei Golden Ring, Fulida, Grace
8% of which came from the top five enterprises, namely Fulida Group, Sanyou Chemical, Aoyang Technology, CHTC HELON and Shandong Yamei, showing a high industry concentration.