CHTCCenter for High-Throughput Computing (University of Wisconsin; Madison, WI)
CHTCChapel Hill Tennis Club (Carrboro, NC)
CHTCCommunity Health Training Center (Springfield, IL)
CHTCChapel Hill Town Council
CHTCCoastal Harbor Treatment Center (psychiatric facility; Savannah, GA)
CHTCCommunity Hospital Telehealth Consortium (Louisiana and Mississippi)
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In addition, Red Hat announced that it has recognized the UW-Madison CHTC as the first recipient of its Red Hat Cloud Leadership Award for its advancements in cloud computing based on the open source Condor project and Red Hat technologies.
The goal of the CHTC has been to advance the state of the art and promote the adoption of technologies that support High Throughput Computing on large collections of distributively owned computing resources.
The types of lines vary from one report to another but for now we believe that CHTC will install five SB/SMS lines and five spunlaced lines," Price adds.
Simulation results for case (c) with a CHTC correlation between the floor surfaces and the air nodes described by Equation 2 are shown in Figure 5c while Figure 5d presents results for the same conditions and a modified mixed convection correlation.
This is because the CHTC at the manifold area is about an order of magnitude higher than that in the air channel due to the former's higher turbulent flows.
NOMENCLATURE BITES = building-integrated thermal energy storage CFM = cubic feet per minute CHTC = convective heat transfer coefficient FPM = feet per minute TES = thermal energy storage VCS = ventilated concrete slab t = time or duration (hr) [h.
Manufacturing of machines tailored to the Chinese market combined with intensive collaboration with the CHTC sister companies will be the focus of this new Autefa location.
Fong's Industries Company textile dyeing and finishing machinery manufacturer has officially changed its name to CHTC Fong's Industries Company Limited.
CHTC Fong's Industries Company Limited, the leading textile dyeing and finishing machinery manufacturer announced an appointment of Mr.
FONG'S stand C1 will be part of dyeing and finishing segment to manifest CHTC comprehensive ability in the industry.
On 7 th January 2011, China Hi-Tech Group and Fong Sou Lam, the controlling shareholder, chairman and executive director of Fong's Industries signed a sale and purchase agreement in which CHTC Group has agreed to acquire from 37.