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Three of the chub accepted meat legered across the far side while the fourth chub fell for lobworm.
Electrofishing-collected samples of Silver Chub within 43 sampling sites selected to represent nearshore habitats in shallow coastal waters of Ohio (June-October 1982-2002) (41[degrees]23'48"N-41[degrees]41'24"N, 82[degrees]32'55"W-83[degrees]28'33"W) were provided by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, 2003; Thoma, 1999); these collections generally occurred in <5 m of water.
The chub is abundant in small rivers and large streams of barbel zone with riffles and pools.
The Peppered Chub was reported to be extirpated from 90% of its historical range and thought to remain in only two geographically isolated populations (Luttrell et al.
ground beef chub package currently available in retail stores across the nation, and will be offered in a variety of lean points and source grinds, such as sirloin, chuck and round.
The aim of this study was to determine growth and reproduction properties of Chub (Squalius cephalus) in Lake Yenicaga.
What has harmed the chub has diminished the number of frogs as well--the loss of habitat.
Records of Shoal Chub from the lower Illinois River include collections post-1950 at or near the mouths of the Mackinaw, Spoon, and Sangamon Rivers with 4 additional collection locations on the Alton Reach of the Illinois River (Smith, 1979).
Biologists believe tui chub were used illegally as live bait or were intentionally reintroduced into the lake.
Key words: Alvord Chub, capture probabilities, desert, desiccation, fragmentation, grazing, mark-recapture, normative fishes, Siphateles alvordensis, water withdrawals
Three chub to over 4lb and 89 dace made up Bob Wright's winning 20lb 7oz in the Birchgrove (Cardiff) AS Pairs Cup match on the upper River Wye and, with his match partner, Clive Hill in third place with 10lb 10oz, the duo carried off the trophy.
From peg 52 on the water above Croft bridge, Darlington's Jim Johnson fished stick float and caster to tempt five chub for a winning 18lb 6oz.