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CHVCanine Herpesvirus
CHVCentre Hospitalier de Valenciennes (French: Valenciennes Hospital Center; Valenciennes, France)
CHVClub Hippique de Versailles (French: Versailles Equestrian Club; Versailles, France)
CHVCard Holder Verification
CHVCentre Hospitalier de Versailles (French: Versailles Hospital Center; Versailles, France)
CHVCollectif Hépatites Virales (French: Viral Hepatitis Collective)
CHVCentre Hospitalier du Vexin (French: Vexin Hospital Center; Magny-en-Vexin, France)
CHVContainer Handels- und Vermietungsgesellschaft (German: Container Sales and Rental Company; Vienna, Austria)
CHVChildren's Holiday Venture (Edinburgh, Scotland)
CHVCommercial Heavy Vehicle
CHVCentre Hospitalier de Verdun (French: Verdun Hospital Center; Verdun, France)
CHVChattahoochee Valley Railway Company
CHVColiseum Home Video (former wrestling VHS publisher and distributor)
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Mohan is now feeling better and is very grateful to the CHV for explaining the importance of going to the hospital and taking him for treatment.
She was unable to continue paying her electricity bill but the CHV learned of a government program to help people below the poverty line.
The CHV was able to explain the requirements and help everyone fill in the paperwork so they could receive seeds for planting.
The PC-Doctor CHV Program includes the following components:
resources required from both the CHV and Watergate to achieve the
Artis will join CHV acquisitions, Vatre Terracotta and Precision Made Gol for eventual flotation under the name Arqual on the Alternative Investment Market.
We are delighted to welcome NHS and CHV to the MedVentive investment syndicate," commented Nancy J.
CHV will provide Cytyc Corporation with access to new ideas, technologies, and potential partners that could be of strategic interest to the Company.