CHZContinuously Habitable Zone (astronomy)
CHZContainer Handling Zeebrugge (container terminal; Zeebrugge, Belgium)
CHZCircumstellar Habitable Zone
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However, because CHZ clinical prescription is no longer available in Europe and is under revision in the United States (Lucas et al.
Blood samples were collected from each subject's radial vein and placed in tubes with or without EDTA for lymphocyte isolation and CHZ metabolism evaluation or liver function tests (serum), respectively.
This procedure achieved a 65% mean recovery rate for CHZ and 6OH-CHZ, and the CHZ metabolic ratios reported were calculated.
CHZ biotransformation is related to CYP2E1 activity (Lucas et al.
The CHZ metabolic ratios for each genotype were as follows: c1/c1, GM = 0.
On the basis of improved profitability and solid balance sheet fundamentals, as well as the prudent deployment of capital demonstrated in the CHZ acquisition, Fitch has upgraded the company's long-term IDR.
Fitch will monitor developments during the integration of CHZ to determine if the Positive Outlook will be resolved with an upgrade.
PBCT, the parent company of People's United Bank (formerly People's Bank), announced it had entered into an agreement to purchase CHZ, a Burlington, VT headquartered commercial bank that operates six subsidiary banks.
Fitch views the expected acquisition of CHZ positively.
The ratings for CHZ reflect its solid banking franchise, conservative management, strong asset quality and balance sheet fundamentals.
This affords CHZ a reasonable cost of funds and contributes to the firm's solid net interest margin.
CHZ maintains strong asset quality throughout its portfolio of banks.