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CHiPCalifornia Highway Patrol
CHiPChildren's Health Insurance Program (US Government Health Care Finance Administration)
CHiPChildren's Health Insurance Plan
CHiPChromatin Immunoprecipitation
CHiPChemicals Hazard Information and Packaging (UK)
CHiPChildren's Hospital Informatics Program
CHiPChild Health Investment Partnership (Roanoke, VA)
CHiPCoronary Health Improvement Project (community-based lifestyle education program)
CHiPChile Information Project
CHiPComputer Hacking and Intellectual Property (unit)
CHiPConsolidador de Hacienda e Información Financiera Pública (Spanish: Consolidator Public Finance and Financial Reporting; Colombia)
CHiPComprehensive Health Insurance Plan (Illinois)
CHiPCanadian Home Income Plan
CHiPCypress Hills Interprovincial Park (Canada)
CHiPCanadian Hotel Income Properties (REIT)
CHiPCommunity Health Improvement Process (various locations)
CHiPCapability and Hazard Identification Program (US FEMA)
CHiPCenter for Health, Intervention, and Prevention (University of Connecticut)
CHiPCalifornia Healthcare for Indigents Program
CHiPChildren's Health Involving Parents
CHiPCritical Homeland Infrastructure Protection
CHiPChildren's Health Initiative Program
CHiPChemical Hazard Information Profile
CHiPColorado Highway Patrol
CHiPCommunity Home-Based Initiatives Program
CHiPChemical (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) Regulations 2002 (UK)
CHiPCopenhagen HIV Program (Denmark)
CHiPConcerned Homeowners for Intelligent Power (Canada)
CHiPChild and Youth Health Intergovernmental Partnership (Australia)
CHiPCanadian Hockey Initiation Program (Canada)
CHiPCooperative for Health Insurance Purchasing
CHiPChild ID Program of America
CHiPCounty HAVA Implementation Plan (Indiana)
CHiPContingency Historical Information Preservation (team)
CHiPComputer Hackers and Intellectual Property (DoJ)
CHiPCommunity Health Information Partnerships
CHiPCertified HCS Installation Partner (Turkey)
CHiPConcerned Homeowners in Partnership
CHiPCustom Habitat Improvement Product
CHiPChicago Highway Patrol
CHiPCome Home I'm Pregnant
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And then, sitting on the porch of her father's farmhouse back in Nebraska one moonlight evening, Sarah came out and put that gold chip into my hand.
she must have packed that gold chip in my trunk), until they found out I was a man without a mind, and the railroad sent me back to Nebraska.
Gold, I tell you, solid gold and that pure and soft that I chopped chips out of it.
The gamblers took heart of life, and soon the tables were filled, the click of chips and whir of the roulette-ball rising monotonously and imperiously above the hoarse rumble of men's voices and their oaths and heavy laughs.
I fed it, shaving by shaving, and sliver by sliver, till at last it was snapping and crackling as it laid hold of the smaller chips and sticks.
He was about to withdraw when his eyes chanced to fall upon a half-developed figure which lay in a corner of the workshop, surrounded by scattered chips of oak.
Most persons, at their first entrance, felt impelled to remove their hats, and pay such reverence as was due to the richly-dressed and beautiful young lady who seemed to stand in a corner of the room, with oaken chips and shavings scattered at her feet.
Just note that if the peel is on, it will toughen a bit, giving the chip a chewy exterior peel contrasting with crispy interior flesh.
The "sweet spot" that all these designers are aiming for are system-on-chips because they dramatically enhance not just the value of the chip but also the value of the product that the chip drives.
We help them with each chip-producing machine center and give recommendations on what is needed to get the best chip out of each machine," he said.
At the same time, because experimentation on chips can be automated, testers could carry out the on-chip tests at a rapid clip.
The dormant chip stores a code similar to a UPC code on products sold in retail stores.