CI2Chymotrypsin Inhibitor 2 (enzyme)
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The company said that CI2 Aviation, a provider of aviation management and technology solutions specialising in air traffic control, will now offer PS Energy Group's etrac-TM (Tank Monitoring) solution to help airports in North America protect the environment and save money.
Soto-Varela admitted to escorting CI2 into the DPS office knowing she was going to be paid for her assistance.
Under the terms of the agreement, CI2 will private label and market ITAI's SecureVAULT(TM) and SecureFILE(TM) products to the federal government.
Unlike password based systems, SecureVAULT(TM) requires a minimum of three elements to gain access to the computer before your information is available to look at or use" said Tony Fannin, President, CI2 Federal Division.
International Telnet and CI2 for the provisioning of wholesale local phone services throughout the nine-state BellSouth region in the Southeast.
CI2 for Database Access: These software components will allow concurrent access to the leading RDBMS environments for applications on CI logical networks.