CI5Criminal Intelligence 5 (UK TV)
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If the producers pulled off a real coup when casting Gordon Jackson's legendary CI5 boss George Cowley.
The film will see the return of British Army-trained mercenary Bodie and ex-cop Doyle, who work for top security unit CI5.
He would stand for no nonsense after his experiences in CI5 with Bodie.
ACTOR Martin Shaw first shot to fame fighting crime as CI5 special agent Doyle in The Professionals.
A new pounds 10million series recreating of the famous CI5 crime fighters will hit our TV screens in the autumn.
EX-SAS soldier Bodie and former detective Doyle worked for covert criminal intelligence security unit CI5 under boss George Cowley.
The Professionals 1977-1982 Starring Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins and Gordon Jackson as agents of the fictional CI5.
Venue: The stage, Pavilion Falls: One self-induced CI5 roll to avoid the 5ft drop off the end of the stage.
The film will see the return of military-trained mercenary Bodie and former detective Doyle, who work for the covert security unit CI5.
HE wasn't strictly speaking a cop but the boss of government crime-fighting department CI5.
Back in the Seventies and Eighties, Bodie and Doyle were the tough guys of Department CI5.