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CIAICochlear Implant Association, Inc.
CIAIComplicated Intra-Abdominal Infection
CIAICentro Italiano Aiuti per l'Infanzia (Italian: Help to Children)
CIAIComputer Industry Almanac Inc. (est. 1986)
CIAICommunity Insurance Agency, Inc. (Northbrook, IL)
CIAICase-Insensitive and Accent-Insensitive
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26) My observation was guided by the principles of reciprocity and reflection, (27) allowing me to contextualize my findings, while being critically self-reflexive and reciprocating the knowledge gained by contributing to a funding proposal for CIAI.
The trial types involved in tests for symmetry were B1A1, B2A2, B3A3, C1B1, C2B2, and C3B3; for transitivity, A1C1, A2C2, and A3C3; and for equivalence, CIAI, C2A2, and C3A3.