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CIAMCongrès Internationaux d'Architecture Moderne (International Congresses of Modern Architecture)
CIAMCentral Institute of Aviation Motors (Moscow, Russia)
CIAMCentro Israelita de Assistência ao Menor
CIAMChartered Insurance Agency Manager
CIAMCongresos Internacionales de Arquitectura Moderna
CIAMCentre for Integrated Assessment Modelling
CIAMCentre International d'Admission aux Études de Management (French: International Admission Center for Management Studies)
CIAMCentre d'Informations et d'Activités Musicales (French: Information Center and Musical Activities)
CIAMCentre for Industrial and Applicable Mathematics
CIAMCenter for International Assignment Management
CIAMColégio Integrado Americano
CIAMContemporary Issues in Arts Management (annual conference; UK)
CIAMCentro Internazionale di Animazione Missionaria
CIAMCompagnie d'Imprimerie Administrative Méditerranéenne (French: Mediterranean Administrative Printing Company)
CIAMCentre d'Initiative Artistique du Mirail (French: Mirail Artistic Initiative Center; University of Toulouse-Le Mirail)
CIAMCommission Interdisciplinaire d'Anthropologie Médicale
CIAMCenter for Infrastructure Assessment and Management
CIAMCentre for Industrial Automation and Manufacture
CIAMClient Independent Access Model
CIAMCompagnie Ivoirienne d'Avitaillement Maritime
CIAMCentral Institute Aviation Motors
CIAMCercle International des Amis de la Musique (International Music-Lovers' Circle; Geneva, Switzerland)
CIAMChristians In Action Ministries
CIAMCritical Infrastructure Access Management
CIAMClub Italiano Alaskan Malamutes
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The New Urbanism movement is a reaction to the discredited urban design theories promoted by CIAM, and it is "traditional" only in the sense that it looks to the long urban design history of cities that are based on a combination of streets, public spaces, and buildings, and dispenses with radical innovations such as super-blocks, traffic separation, and megastructures.
William Rose, director of business space at Savills Peterborough, comments: We are delighted to be appointed on Axis Park by CIAM who plan to fully refurbish the vacant units, in addition to other upgrades on the estate, to ultimately deliver one of Peterborough s prime industrial locations.
Avermaete delineates the route to architectural maturity starting with Candilis and Woods' work for Le Corbusier on Unite d'Habitation, their cross examination of CIAM and the architects' first years of experimentation together with the ATBAT team in North Africa from the early to mid '50s.
Ineo's CIAM Suite provides a new approach to accessing and enriching information assets.
Coordinated by ONERA for the EU side and CIAM for the Russian side, COBRAA[sup.
He was the last surviving member of Team X, the group of young architects set up to organise the tenth CIAM conference in 1956, and re-inject social idealism and planetary consciousness into a Modern Movement that was becoming increasingly sclerotic and bureaucratic.
LIMRA recently conferred its 500th CIAM designation to a field manager of a member company in Hong Kong, and currently has some 2,000 individuals working toward the designation.
Compared with dowdy London in the 1960s or decaying New York, Montreal provided a vision of urban reconstruction inspired largely by CIAM principles.
The site comprises general information on CIAM and links to the ERC, as well as seven-tier CIAM membership enrollment that allows access to several members-only areas, including member profiles, message boards, resource center, and a resume database.
In 1959 Tange attended the CIAM Team 10 conference at Otterloo and presented a paper there on the work of the young Metabolists for whom he was to become the father figure.
For years, Team X had been arguing for human values against the arid dictates of CIAM and the Charte d'Athenes.