CIATCentro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (Spanish: International Center for Tropical Agriculture, Colombia)
CIATChartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (UK)
CIATCoalition to Insure Against Terrorism
CIATCompagnie Internationale André Trigano (French: André Trigano International Company)
CIATComité Interministériel d'Aménagement du Territoire (French: Interministerial Committee for Territorial Planning; Haiti)
CIATComité International d’Accompagnement de la Transition (French: International Committee to Support Transition; Democratic Republic of Congo)
CIATConstraint-Induced Aphasia Therapy
CIATCentre Intégré en Alimentation et Tourisme (Quebec, Canada)
CIATCentre interaméricain des Administrateurs Fiscaux (French: Inter-American Centre of Tax Administrations)
CIATCollaborative Infrastructure Assessment Tool
CIATCompagnie Industrielle d'Application Thermiques (French: Thermics Application Industrial Company)
CIATCalifornia Institute of Automotive Technology
CIATcounterintelligence analytic team (US DoD)
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The CIAT Bean Germplasm Bank has the largest and most diverse common bean collection in the world, with some 36,000 accessions," says Pastor-Corrales.
The briefing was arranged by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, an intergovernmental umbrella organization for 18 agricultural research centers around the world, including CIAT.
CIAT will submit comments pointing to specific evidence that the private insurance markets have yet to stabilize and that without the "make available" provision extended, the entire program will essentially end at the end of 2004.
19 press release, CIAT praised the HFSC for holding the hearing, which explored the current state of the industry: "Recent events, including this spring's deadly Boston Marathon bombings, have clearly demonstrated that the threat of terrorism is still very much with us, as is the potential for crippling economic damage resulting from a major attack," DePoy stated.
He further informed that the CAPT is to be set up in Bhopal and Madhya Pradesh, while two CDTSs would be set up in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, and four each temporary CIATs are proposed to be set up in Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Orissa.
27, 2002, CIAT representatives warned that gaps in terrorism insurance coverage weaken the nation's economy and threaten homeland security.
CIAT is a broad coalition of commercial insurance consumers, formed immediately after 9/11 to seek a way to restore availability of commercial terrorism insurance for American businesses and the broader economy.
Just as mandatory availability is good for CIAT members particularly vulnerable to a potential attack--like the NBA, NFL and NHL--other features of the act function as a safety net for the insurance industry.
Specifically, it is our hope that any compromise legislation will include a definition of terrorism that is sufficiently broad to ensure coverage for future terrorist attacks; that the backstop is of sufficient duration; that comprehensive coverage include losses related to biological, chemical, radiological and cyber attacks; and that individual insurance company caps will be an essential component of any program," said CIAT spokesman Martin DePoy.
The resulting extension increases the amount of property and casualty losses that trigger federal involvement, increases the financial stake of insurance companies and, in a modification promoted by CIAT, continues to require insurers to offer terror coverage under the same terms and conditions as other lines of coverage at levels below the event triggers.
Partners in Action : Prime Minister / UCLBP & CIAT, MICT / DPC,