CIBGCentrum Voor Informatica Voor Het Brusselse Gewest
CIBGCentraal Informatiepunt Beroepen Gezondheidszorg (Dutch: Central Health Professions Center; Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports; Hague, Netherlands)
CIBGCorporate and Investment Banking Group (various locations)
CIBGCritical Illness Benefit Group, Ltd. (Hawthorne, NY)
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CIBG is specifically structured to provide dedicated banking services and products to its corporate customers through two key divisions.
While the other units in 25 CIBG were assembling in Fort Lewis, the Second Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry had a much shorter stay there.
Les Peate continues to downplay the exploits of the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada and the Black Watch Royal Highland Regiment of Canada (RHC) who served with the 25 Infantry Brigade Group in Korea until the Operational Role of 25 CIBG ended on November 8, 1954, with the 1st 25 Infantry Brigade Group's battalions to serve in the Korea War leaving for home in April of 1955 .
In October of 1951 the Squadron effectively supported 25 CIBG during "Minden" and "Commando" - the last significant mobile operation on the Commonwealth front.
Although Canada's part in the Korean War was primarily an infantry role, the tankers of Lord Strathcona's Horse were an important element of 25 CIBG.