CIBLCenter for Inquiry-Based Learning (Duke University; Durham, NC; est. 2001)
CIBLConvective Internal Boundary Layer
CIBLCaye International Bank, Limited (Belize)
CIBLCredit Information Bureau Ltd. (India)
CIBLChase Investment Bank Limited (Chase Securities, Inc.)
CIBLChesterfield Insurance Brokers Ltd. (UK)
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CIBL is listed on the Pink Sheets[R] under the symbol CIBY.
During the third quarter of 2015, the net income attributable to CIBL was $117,000, or $6.
The most recent CIBL conference took place in 2000 in Wittenberg, Germany, under the theme "Confession for the Third Millennium: Black Lutheran Experiences.
Surinder Beerh, who formerly served as Chief Executive Officer of Colemont Global Group and CIBL, has left to pursue other interests with immediate effect.
CIBL continues to hold interests in two cellular partnerships serving rural areas of New Mexico and interests in two broadcast television stations, as well as several other assets.
Following consummation of the Offer, CIBL has approximately 19,347 shares of common stock outstanding.
Earnings per share in the third quarter of 2007 included $15 from the operations that were spun off into CIBL, Inc.
PK) distributed to shareholders one share of CIBL stock for each share of LICT owned.
The modified Dutch Auction will allow CIBL stockholders to tender their shares at a price within the specified range and to do so without incurring any brokerage fees or commissions.
3 million reduction of cable revenue due to the absence in 2008 of a Kansas cable provider, which was distributed to shareholders as part of the November 2007 spin-off of CIBL, Inc.
Pursuant to the terms of the Offer, CIBL accepted for purchase an additional 1,552 shares (within 2% of the outstanding Shares).
CIBL looks forward to expanding its presence in Reno and to playing an active role as a member of Reno's business and civic communities.