CICADComision Interamericana para el Control del Abuso de Drogas (Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission)
CICADConcise International Chemical Assessment Document(s)
CICADCoordination Intercommunautaire contre l'Antisémitisme et la Diffamation (French: Intercommunity Coordination against Anti-Semitism and Defamation; Switzerland)
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The United States works with CICAD to build multilateral support to strengthen efforts against the consumption, production, and trafficking of illegal drugs.
Throughout the summer CICAD tracked an increase in anti-Semitic rhetoric in the letters-to-the-editors pages of some large-circulation Francophone newspapers.
The Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNC) released a report (Observaciones al "Estudio de los efectos del programa de Erradicacion de Cultivos Ilicitos mediante la aspersion aerea con el herbicida Glifosato (PECIG) y de los cultivos ilicitos en la salud humana y en el medio ambiente"), challenging the limited scope and method of the CICAD study.
CICAD Experts Recommend On-Going Assessment of Compliance with Standards and Creation of National Financial Intelligence Units
The world drug problem has not been solved, but the CICAD Commission has made a significant contribution by promoting cooperation among the countries of the Western Hemisphere on a transnational problem that requires coordinated transnational responses.
Read AIDA's report about the omissions of the original CICAD studies here: http://www.
In 2005, CICAD recorded seventy-five anti-Semitic incidents in the western, French-speaking part of the country, ranging from verbal and written assaults to offensive graffiti and acts of vandalism against Jewish property.
233) As in the Program of Rio, the CICAD was directed to coordinate its efforts with other multilateral worldwide, regional, and sub-regional organizations working on the drug problems of the inter-American region.
Department of State, through its Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), provided full or partial funding for many CICAD training activities.
The Executive Secretary of the CICAD, Ambassador James Mack, indicated that the cities participating in the Summit have been collaborating among themselves for the last two years in order to find the best way to provide treatment and rehabilitation services within their communities.
All 34 OAS member states, from Canada and the US in the north down to Chile and Argentina in the south, became members of CICAD.
Simons, Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) of the Organization of American States (OAS) visits the EMCDDA today to discuss with the agency s Director Wolfgang GE[micro]tz perspectives for the next EMCDDA CICAD work programme (2014 18).