CICAMCanadian Institute of Certified Administrative Managers
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It has done quite well in this regard: originally, it was commercialized by MINPROFF directly, but its success and, as a result, the quantities involved have been such that this task has had to be subcontracted; it is now in the hands of Laking, a CICAM subsidiary.
Beyond the losses decried by CICAM as a result of this state of affairs and of the state's inability to stop the influx of Asian cloth, many people see it as a question of worth: that of the textiles themselves and that of the women who wear them (Sylvanus 2012).
Because each year's IWD cloth is a source of significant profit for CICAM, the company registers its design with the trademark office--a form of protection that is not extended to most other wax print designs, due to its cost.
CICAM, Centro de Investigacion y Capacitacion de la Mujer (1992) Entrevista con la directora Ximena Bedregal Saez.
CICAM also produces the official wax fabric for International Women's Day for the Central African Republic and Chad (see Pommerolle and Ngameni, this issue).
CICAM Representative 2011 Interview with authors, Guatemala City, Nov.