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CICAPComitato Italiano per il Controllo delle Affermazioni sul Paranormale (Italian: Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims on the Paranormal)
CICAPCriminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel (UK)
CICAPCentral Indiana Clean Air Partnership (Indianapolis, IN)
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This well-regarded collection of essays and rejoinders represents a coming together of the advocate and counter-advocate communities and has much in common with the earlier CICAP volume.
the role of the sender in ganzfeld studies), writing other papers such as one for the Italian CICAP Journal, and giving public talks on his research.
1) Esta discusion de fondo se ofrece en el Estado de situacion de la gestion publica 2006, Informe Anual del Programa de Monitoreo de la Gestion Publica, CICAP, UCR, enero 2007.
3, del Programa de Publicaciones del CICAP Facultad de Ciencias Economicas, UCR.