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CICCACommittee for International Co-operation between Cotton Associations
CICCACentral Indiana Clean Cities Alliance
CICCACentral Illinois Camera Club Association
CICCAChristian Initiation of Children of Catechetical Age
CICCACentro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Caja de Ahorros de Canarias
CICCACross-Industry, Cross-Country Allocation
CICCACentre for International Conciliation and Arbitration
CICCACentral Indiana Chamber of Commerce Alliance
CICCAConnecticut International Cultural Carnival Association
CICCACentral Illinois Country Club Association
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CICCA is comprised of the world's seventeen leading cotton associations from Africa, Belgium, UK, China, France, India, Japan, Poland, Turkey, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Pakistan, Spain, and the United States.
This was the final date of a short tour that featured Italian pianist Antonio Cicca and Japanese drummer Yoshida Masahiro, its line-up completed by UK bassman Geoff Gascoyne.
A second theory is that the term "chickenpox" came about because the chickenpox skin rash/blisters look similar to the cicca pea.