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CICOCoffee In, Coffee Out
CICOCheck In Check Out
CICOCombat Information Center Officer
CICOConference of International Catholic Organisations
CICOCrap In Crap Out
CICOCash in Cash Out
CICOContent Indicator Code Officer
CICOCoin in Coin Out (gaming machines)
CICOCommunity Information Centre of Ottawa (Canada)
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Researchers found CICO to be effective in reducing problem behavior and concluded that CICO was the only tier two intervention to be successfully implemented by school staff while also being viewed as worthwhile by school personnel (Mitchell et al.
As there was a conscious decision at this stage to not insert a supraglottic airway, then this is the point that a CICO situation should have been declared and emergency tracheal access performed, rather than turning the patient using a videolaryngoscope and administering sugammadex.
According to CICO, the SIVE's fixed and mobile systems, combined with coastal patrols, are proving an effective deterrent against larger smuggling organizations.
CICO president, Jim Cavnar, explained the significance of this connection.
With a budget of $115,000 to $118,000 to run the campaign, CICO netted about $55,000 from Friends & Family, not counting renewal gifts.
The CICO intervention provides additional structure, prompts, instruction, feedback, and acknowledgment for students engaging in similar low-level social behavior errors (Filter et al.
Key features of the CICO intervention are (a) being readily available, (b) increasing monitoring and adult contact, (c) providing contingent and frequent feedback, and (d) increasing coordination between school and home support.
OFFER: We have three copies of Photo Art by Ellie Laycock, published by CICO Books (PS12.
For single subject design studies, the overall median PND across 20 studies was 68% (range, 0 to 100%), indicating CICO is questionably effective but approaching the effectiveness criterion (70% PND) suggested by Scruggs and Mastropieri (1998).
Through the French Door: Romantic Interiors Inspired By Classic French Style by Carolyn Westbrook is published by CICO Books, at PS19.
Colour Recipes For Painted Furniture And More by Annie Sloan is published by CICO Books, priced PS14.
According to the Difficult Airway Society algorithm for CICO, at this stage cannula cricothyroidotomy or surgical cricothyroidotomy may be considered.