CICPAChinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants
CICPACalifornia Institute for Chinese Performing Arts (El Monte, CA)
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The campaign initiated by the CICPA underlines the authority's role as a chief guardian of the waters in the UAE and reaffirms its commitment in ensuring its safety and security, which includes educating the beach- and sea-goers about the practical and necessary aspects which they must know before going to the sea.
According to CICPA, residents also called the maritime emergency hotline to complain about disturbances, illegal activities, drowning incidents and missing persons in addition to technical errors on board vessels.
Both CICPA and academics in CPA programs in Chinese universities realize the problem of CPA education.
The CICPA translated international accounting and auditing standards into Chinese and urged government departments to take them into consideration when drawing up Chinese accounting rules.
The MoU was signed by ACCA Chief Executive Helen Brand and CICPA Secretary General Dr Chen Yugui, and witnessed by Chinese Vice Finance Minister Dr.
CICPA data however suggests Chinese accounting industry is in rude health: Chinese-based accounting firms' revenues rose from Chinese Yuan Renminbi CNY8 billion (US dollar USD1.
Since the establishment of CICPA in 2007 and the introduction of the maritime emergency number [996] in July 2009, we have witnessed a great response from the public in their utilisation of our services," said Colonel Salem Al Kindi, head of the Bihar organising committee at the CICPA.
Aside from taking exams for the bookkeeping and CPA licences, mainland Chinese accountants are required to take annual courses in specific skills areas, termed continuing education--typically two or three courses which are certified by the CICPA.
As a result of the exam's widespread influence, the CICPA has placed a significant focus on ensuring that the CPA exam is as fair and secure as possible to all test takers.
Enjoy safely," CICPA is extending its commitment to the security and protection of all UAE's citizens.