CICPACConstruction Industry CPAs/Consultants Association
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Members of CICPAC can access CICPACnet, where CPAs can post queries and receive expert advice from noncompeting industry peers.
Foundation Software has always valued the initiatives that CICPAC has taken to provide quality financial and consulting services to the construction industry," said Fred Ode, Foundation Software's CEO/Chairman.
We welcome Foundation Software as a CICPAC Business Partner," said John Corcoran, CICPAC Executive Director.
For further information on Foundation Software's involvement in the CICPAC Business Partner program, please contact either Tracie Kuczkowski with Foundation Software at tak@foundationsoft.
The power of the Intuit brand is what the construction industry has been waiting for," said John Corcoran, Executive Director, CICPAC.
CICPAC members combine their expertise to provide the highest-quality services to improve contractor's performance.
We are excited to be working with CICPAC and assisting their members to provide powerful cash infusing funds that help firms hire additional employees, competitively price jobs, and expand their practice.
Many of our members are household names in the industry, and throughout the years CICPAC members have come to be widely regarded as the best companies within their field.