CICUCardiac Intensive Care Unit
CICUCommission on Independent Colleges and Universities (Albany, NY)
CICUCoronary Intensive Care Unit
CICUCentral Illinois Credit Union (Champaign, IL)
CICUCardiac Intermediate Care Unit
CICUCentral Interface Control Unit (US Air Force)
CICUComputer Interface Conditioning Unit
CICUCentral Interface Converter Unit
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The sheer professionalism and kindness of colleagues from the trust was overwhelming, and my pride comes from Becky's desire to run for the CICU team, as well as from the beautiful bride she made on her big day.
Site visits were made by the KKH CICU staff to establish if equipment available in the SGH neurosurgical intensive care unit was suitable to nurse a paediatric patient.
The spiritual care professional in the CICU and CVICU was the project lead and the clinical educators from the ICUs were team leaders of the three main components.
Prior to the 1990s, the CICU had been staffed by RNs only.
Donations from the Massey Ferguson (Hourly Paid) Charitable Fund: WMS Centre, pounds 500; Sherbourne Fields, pounds 1,000; TT Club, pounds 500; Exhall Grange School, pounds 1,000; Myton Hospice, pounds 2,000; Mary Ann Evans Hospice, pounds 2,000; Coventry Homes, pounds 2,000; BASIC, pounds 2,000; Coventry Deaf, pounds 1,000; Baginton Fields, pounds 2,000; Coventry Cathedral, pounds 1,000; Brain-damaged children, pounds 2,000; Birmingham Children's Hospital, pounds 1,000; CICU Leicester RI, pounds 1,000; The Griff School, pounds 1,000; Royal British Legion, pounds 650; Save the Children Fund, Coventry branch, pounds 1,000; Breast Cancer Reconstruction Unit at George Eliot Hospital, pounds 1,000.
All isolates of Staphylococcus aureus from any body site from the CICU and cardiac surgical ward were included in the analyses.
The ICU and CICU employ a common layout with individual patient rooms on the perimeter of a rectangle surrounding a central work zone for nurses, physicians, and others.
Our data consisted of 11284 blood gas or glucose reports from the CICU satellite laboratory and 5394 blood gas or stat glucose reports from the central laboratory, all reported over a 3-month period from November 1996 through January 1997.
CICU was the largest generator of paper, while the NHCU was the largest generator of cotton waste.
But we chose to focus on CICU patients because the cardiac arena is where the bulk of the benefits have been observed in adults.