CICUCardiac Intensive Care Unit
CICUCommission on Independent Colleges and Universities (Albany, NY)
CICUCoronary Intensive Care Unit
CICUCentral Illinois Credit Union (Champaign, IL)
CICUCardiac Intermediate Care Unit
CICUCentral Interface Control Unit (US Air Force)
CICUComputer Interface Conditioning Unit
CICUCentral Interface Converter Unit
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The mothers preferred engaging in mindfulness in a private, quiet room as the sounds of the CICU stress them and may prevent them from relaxing.
Any thromboembolic complication (myocardial infarction (MI), stroke, arterial or venous thrombosis) and the presence of infection were also recorded during the patients' CICU stay.
Indeed, the CICU found this strategy to be helpful with some of the other high-risk/low-volume procedures on their unit, such as the ventricular assist device.
The patient did not develop any subsequent rhythm disturbances and no changes were made to the pacemaker setting over the course of his CICU stay.
After arrival at the KKH CICU, it was noted that his intracranial pressure was high and there was fresh blood in his external ventricular drain.
This web-based, scalable, clinician designed computer application aggregates physiologic information from many monitoring devices at the patient's bedside to create a single view of patient vitals and allow real-time remote monitoring of each child in the CICU and MSICU.
region, urban versus rural location, presence of MICU, presence of CICU, hospital size, profit status, percent Medicaid, percent medicare, nurse-staffing ratio.
The managers of CICU and CVICU and the integrated spiritual care staff member met to explore opportunities to bring together the units and assist staff in these areas.
Bed occupancy in ICU, NICU, PICU, CICU, CCU and isolation was consistently over the optimal 75 per cent during 2011.
100 Notes: Model covariates include market competition intensity, patient comorbidities, age, percent black, percent female, beds, profit status, teaching status, ratio of nurses to patients, presence of CICU, total admissions, heart failure patient volume, percent Medicare, percent Medicaid, region, HMO penetration, income, number of unemployed, number of physicians, and time indicator.