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CIDERCentro Interdisciplinario de Estudios Regionales (Spanish: Interdisciplinary Center for Regional Studies; University of Andes)
CIDERCenter for International and Development Economics Research (University of California, Berkeley)
CIDERCanadian Institute for Distance Education Research (Athabasca University)
CIDERCenter for Infectious Disease Epidemiologic Research (Mailman School of Public Health; Columbia University; New York)
CIDERCooperative Intrusion Detection Evaluation and Response (US Navy; now SHADOW)
CIDERConsejo Integrado para el Desarollo Rural (Dominican Republic)
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Sometimes a discussion on ciders and flax, always couched in the same terms, and returning at the same time of year, was continued on the homeward way.
She got up a lunch which comprised a leg of mutton, tripe, sausages, a chicken fricassee, sweet cider, a fruit tart and some preserved prunes; then to all this the good woman added polite remarks about Madame, who appeared to be in better health, Mademoiselle, who had grown to be "superb," and Paul, who had become singularly sturdy; she spoke also of their deceased grandparents, whom the Liebards had known, for they had been in the service of the family for several generations.
At the side of each plate, which was placed bottom upward, with its knife and fork most accurately crossed above it, stood another, of smaller size, containing a motley- looking pie, composed of triangular slices of apple, mince, pump kin, cranberry, and custard so arranged as to form an entire whole, Decanters of brandy, rum, gin, and wine, with sundry pitchers of cider, beer, and one hissing vessel of “flip,” were put wherever an opening would admit of their introduction.
It is just as if you would reproach me, monseigneur, for going to the Rue Planche Milbray, to fetch, myself, the cider M.
I was walking along a public path that threads through a private Devonshire orchard and seems to point towards Devonshire cider, when I came suddenly upon just such a place as the path suggested.
The venders of cider and beer are rolling their barrels among the groups.
They were very civil, and offered us a house; and one man even sent us a cask of cider as a present.
Some long-handled shovels lay about the worn cider path.
I have occasional visits in the long winter evenings, when the snow falls fast and the wind howls in the wood, from an old settler and original proprietor, who is reported to have dug Walden Pond, and stoned it, and fringed it with pine woods; who tells me stories of old time and of new eternity; and between us we manage to pass a cheerful evening with social mirth and pleasant views of things, even without apples or cider -- a most wise and humorous friend, whom I love much, who keeps himself more secret than ever did Goffe or Whalley; and though he is thought to be dead, none can show where he is buried.
Saddle of mutton," said he after profound reflection: "and cider to drink.
He then ordered two bottles of cider, and seemed to take as little notice of our host as our host did of him.
There are fifty-seven apple-evaporating furnaces, to say nothing of the apple canneries and cider and vinegar factories.