CIDNECombined Information Data Network Exchange (US DoD)
CIDNEchronic inflammation disease of nasopharyngeal epitheliems
CIDNECentro de Información y Documentación de la Dirección Nacional de Estupefacientes (Colombia)
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We determined that because we used CIDNE data to drive the casualty estimate for baseline and the elections period, we built into the model the total number of casualties reported in the region, but not necessarily just those handled by the ISAF system.
The CoIST used TiGR, CIDNE, and other available data to pull information on routes and look at SIGACTs or spot reports from the past 30 days and those that occurred on the same day a year earlier, plus or minus 30 days.
CIDNE is available for use by coalition forces in Afghanistan, said Air Force Maj.
For staging content, the Corps Portal was utilized to provide an integrated platform for visualization of operational data derived from the CIDNE SIGACT database.
The EHCC used ArcGIS,[TM] a geospatial analysis program, to fuse the imagery and elevation data, pulled from the CIDNE database using WebTAS, to create a tailored operational picture.
Employees at the new office will be primarily focused on supporting the CIDNE and WebTAS products for ISS, as well as software development, training and system administration.
The companion to CIDNE on the unclassified network allows structured data to transfer between nearly all classified networks within the constraints of security policies.
CIDNE contains an engagement tool for tracking three types of entities: people, facilities, and organizations.
CIDNE is currently the standard portal for storing data in the all units under U.
Soon after arriving at Delta, we worked out a procedure with the 2X Cell at MNC-I to report information in an intelligence information report (IIR) format using the theater reporting tool called CIDNE (the acronym pronounced as 'Sidney' stands for Combined Information Data Network Exchange.