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CIDRClassless Inter-Domain Routing
CIDRCentre International de Développement et de Recherche (French: International Center for Research and Development; France)
CIDRCenter for Instructional Development and Research (University of Washington)
CIDRCenter for Inherited Disease Research
CIDRControlled Internal Drug Release (device)
CIDRCritical Intermediate Design Review
CIDRCounty Issuance Decal/Registration (South Carolina)
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In that study, only hospital activity and CIDR data were compared, and no distinction was made between laboratory or clinical criteria for diagnosis of these diseases at that time.
Given that the first estrus following the prepubertal stage may lead to the ovulation of subfertile ova, we conducted a further evaluation of CIDR inserts in order to collect important data on breeding efficiency (breeding age, interval to conception and pregnancy rate) in heifers treated with CIDR and bred on the second estrus following the onset of puberty.
ON JANUARY 17, THE LAST DAY of the Illinois deer season, I went to the freezer and removed a CIDR plug from a 4 1/2 year-old doe, along with some real buck semen I had bought from a whitetail herdsman.
2 million for CIDR may not be a sure thing, the base amount for PROACT will very likely be appropriated.
All females were exposed to the 7-d CO-Synch + CIDR synchronization protocol with a single fixed-time artificial insemination (TAI) at 54 h after CIDR removal for heifers and 60-66 h after CIDR removal for cows.
The pFSH treatments were initiated at 2 days before the CIDR removal (D12), and were administered twice a day through multiple intramuscular injections.
The other three percent are mainly bred off a CIDR device, so there are no signs of heat," he says.
1994) (providing detailed guidance on the procedures to obtain subpoenas) [hereinafter CIDR 195-1]; U.
MESSAGE: Eazi-Breed CIDR is a new tool that enhances
The product has a Web-based GUI and full support for SNMP, TCP, UDP, FTP, Telnet, RIP, RIP II, and CIDR.
2 Must be able to define host groups for scanning based on CIDR notation.
Al evaluar métodos de sincronización de estros en ovejas se encontró que la sincronización se presentó a las 36 horas posteriores, con los siguientes resultados: con CIDR (100%), con esponjas intravaginales (94,4%) y con prostaglandina [F.