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CIDXChemical Industry Data Exchange
CIDXCombined Immunodeficiency, X-Linked
CIDXCanadain International DX Club
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Our integration with Odyssey Logistics & Technology utilizing the CIDX Chem eStandards went smoothly, and today this implementation is viewed as a significant success.
The plan calls for CIDX to transfer operational control to OAGi and governance to the ChemITC beginning January 2009.
Industry executives have previewed these tools, and are very positive about the value and applicability," said CIDX Executive Director JoAnne Norton.
0 was released were addressed and incorporated as appropriate by team participants from more than 40 global chemical companies and other CIDX contributors.
The Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX), a not-for-profit global trade and standards organization, and ISA, a global, nonprofit organization that is setting the standard for automation, announced today at the CIDX General Meeting in Jacksonville, Fla.
CIDX also announced the election of four new members to the Board of Directors effective immediately.
Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX): Patricia Simmons has been named executive director of CIDX, responsible for developing a long-range strategy to progress the company's goals.
CIDX endorses the UN-led effort called "Core Components" to create a more flexible, compatible format for electronic business information exchange.
CIDX's goal is to transform into an independent standards body for the chemical industry, according to Kathi Neal, board of directors chair, CIDX.
Updated CIDX support, including new schemas to support common actions such as sending, receiving or sharing purchase orders, logistics, forecasts and catalog updates
An outline of how CIDX will collaborate with EPCGlobal, an RFID industry trade group focused on RFID technologies and standards,
July 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX) announced today that its Autumn General Meeting will be held September 24 - 26, in Brussels, Belgium and will be hosted by SAP AG, a member of CIDX that is committed to delivering collaborative solutions to the chemical industry.