CIEDCenter for Intercultural Education and Development (Georgetown University; Washington, DC)
CIEDCounter Improvised Explosive Device
CIEDCentro de Investigacion, Educacion y Desarrollo (Peru)
CIEDCenter for Innovation and Economic Development (Gainesville, FL)
CIEDCenter for Internet Epidemiology and Defenses
CIEDCardiac Implantable Electronic Device
CIEDCardiovascular Implantable Electronic Device (heart rhythm device)
CIEDInternational Centre for Education and Development
CIEDChemical Infusion Execution Device
CIEDCentre for Initiatives in Education (Canada)
CIEDCommittee on Institutional Equity and Diversity (Rutgers University; New Jersey)
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Minocycline and rifampin, the antibiotics released by the AIGISRx Envelope, are active against the majority of pathogens isolated from patients in the control group who developed a CIED infection.
A previously published retrospective cohort study showed there was a low CIED infection rate associated with the use of the minocycline and rifampin-impregnated AIGISRxEnvelope, and other published studies have identified patient-specific and procedural risk factors for CIED infections.
Ellis concluded, "Our findings clearly showed that patients whose CIED implantation included the use of the AIGISRx Envelope experienced a significantly lower rate of infection compared to a matched cohort of patients who underwent implantation without the antibacterial device.
AIGISRx products contain the antimicrobial agents, rifampin and minocycline, which have been shown to reduce infection by pathogens responsible for the majority of CIED infections, including "superbugs" such as methicillin-resistant S.
At least 70% percent of CEOs surveyed planned to introduce new technologies to reduce CIED infections, with over 50% citing adoption of the AIGISRx Antibacterial Envelope as an expected practice.
Over 90% planned to use internal reporting to heighten visibility of CIED infections.
Patients with SSIs following CIED procedures spend an average of two extra weeks in the hospital, undergo repeat surgical procedures to treat the infection, and cost the facility an average of $72,485.