CIERCenter for Integrative Environmental Research (University of Maryland)
CIERCentre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (est. 1994; Manitoba, Canada)
CIERComisión de Integración Energética Regional (Montevideo, Uruguay - Regional Energetic Integration Commission)
CIERCentre Interdisciplinaire d'Étude du Religieux (French: Interdisciplinary Religious Study Center)
CIERCentre for Informatics Education Research (Open University; London, England, UK)
CIERCentrul de Informare, Educare Si Resurse (Romania)
CIERCouncil-Certified Indoor Environmental Remediator (American Council for Accredited Certification)
CIERCentre for International Education and Research (UK)
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CIER (2011) Sintesis Informativa Energetica de los Paises de la CIER.
According to the Survey Analysis Report on the Status of Business Operations Invested in China edited by the CIER, the ratios of the average labour population employed by each TIE in the non-Guangdong provinces and cities relative to the average labour population employed by each TIE in Guangdong from 2002 to 2006 were 65.
Korea FTA, CIER said that the agreement is the result of regulatory harmonization between the both sides, as over a half of the chapters in the written agreement are finalized through harmonization of rules and regulations set in the two different countries.
Finally, taking into account the technical report of the CIER (2007), Table 3 indicates the type of ownership (private and state owned or municipal) of the electric distribution utilities in Latin American countries.
28, 2007); CIER Utrecht, Conference on Intellectual
The CIER coincides with the end of the Global Rural Electrification Programme ( PERG ) which has allowed Morocco generalizing electricity in 2007, where as the electrification rate did not exceed 18% in 1995.
CIER noted that the global economy already bottomed out in the second quarter and domestic firms will benefit from rush orders in the second half.
Asi, en Argentina se encuentra el CIER (Centro Internacional de Informacion y Estudio de la Resiliencia) cuyos principales investigadores son Suarez, Munits, Melillo, Estamatti y Cuestas (Cuestas, Estamatti & Melillo, 2001).
Biing-Shen Kuo, National Chengchi University and Su-Ling Peng, CIER, "Price Pass-Through, Household Expenditure and Industrial Structure: The Case of Taiwan"
Taiwan Economic Association 1999 Annual Meeting, CIER, Taipei, Taiwan, 19 December 1999 [in Chinese with English abstract].
CIER predicted that the annual growth rate of CPI will continue to exceed 2% in the first half next year.