CIFErComputational Intelligence for Financial Engineering
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The next major inter-faith event is the CIFER conference" Women, Culture and Religion" at the Newcastle Civic Centre on November 6.
For more information, contact Jack Plunkett, Aqua Clara, 727-446-2999, or E Douglas Cifers, 863-858-7244.
The significance of this announcement cannot be overstated," says Cifers.
The first quarter revenue rose almost 20 percent," Cifers says.
Plunkett says, "Our aggressive posture has led Cifers to an intense pursuit of expansion projects in several cities around Florida.
As earlier reported, Cifers also has been negotiating with an international beverage distributor headquartered in New York with heavy Florida presence.
Douglas Cifers sees this partnership as a best-possible scenario for AquaClara, the Cris Collinsworth Foundation and consumers.
AquaClara Chairman of the Board Doug Cifers said there is a great synergy between the Foundation and AquaClara's product.
Douglas Cifers as the new chairman of the board and successor of Chairman and CEO Emanuel Mersis, who resigned June 5, 2000, to pursue personal interests.
Cifers is working closely with Plunkett to increase distribution of the company's 800 percent oxygen-enriched, purified drinking water through unique marketing strategies and establish frequent communications with AquaClara's shareholders.
Doug Cifers defines the term 'entrepreneur,'" Plunkett said.
Douglas Cifers, said, "Our unique partnership materialized because we all knew we were dealing with an incredibly superior quality water.