CIFFICalifornia Inland Fisheries Foundation, Inc.
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To Hinestroza, FSAD associate professor, it's an example of the kind of project that's tailor-made for CIFFI, with engineers and apparel designers working hand in hand.
As members of CIFFI, companies can tap into Human Ecology's knowledge base and gain access to everything FSAD has to offer: state-of-the-art fashion and textile studios; the apparel performance lab's 3D body scanners, thermal infrared imaging, manikins, and motion capture system; a prototyping facility with a fiber extruder, laser cutter, and sample loom; and the nanotechnology lab's atomic force microscope and electrospinning machines.
CIFFI is beginning to work closely with retailers in New York City and manufacturers around the world to develop new materials, streamline product development, and promote smart, sustainable fashion.