CIFICertified Information Forensics Investigator (International Information Systems Forensics Association)
CIFICollegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani (Italian: College of Italian Railway Engineers)
CIFICertified Insurance Fraud Investigator
CIFICost, Insurance, Freight and Interest (export contract)
CIFICommon Internet File
CIFIComputer Information Forensics Investigator
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Kimber, Chief Operating Officer of CIFI, stated, "Sweet potatoes are an increasingly popular ingredient in food and pet food products.
Extra indicative detail has been omitted at the request of CIFI, deeming it commercial in confidence until formal close has been achieved.
Compensation, Fees and Expenses of CIFI Drilling Loan
For the second year, available statistics show a major reduction of total claim dollars and the number of injury claims reported since the initiation of the first CIFI program.
pdf ("The presence of CIFIs [Community Insurance Fraud Initiatives] in these major urban areas, combined with other contributing factors, have resulted in a decrease in claims of over $192 million over the past two years.
Most loans are structured in the form of A/B syndicated loans in which a multilateral acts as 'lender of record' and shares with CIFI the same rights, including preferred creditor status.
Positively, CIFI has never had a loan payment delayed more than 90 days.
IPO shares will be offered by Shanghai property firm CIFI at a range of HK$1.
Despite the low diversification of funding sources, CIFI has some flexibility to access additional funds as it has committed credit facilities that are not fully used and, following CIFI's plans to diversify its funding, should have even higher undrawn levels.
84%, well above the minimum of 16% that CIFI aims to maintain in the long-run, which, in Fitch's view, is adequate.
The Institute represents a new and powerful initiative to further the profession of Information Forensics worldwide," said James Moore, CIFI and International Chairman of the ISFA.
Until December 31, 2003, experienced information forensic investigators may apply for CIFI certification without sitting for the examination.