CIFORCenter for International Forestry Research (Indonesia)
CIFORCouncil to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response
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The research was completed as part of an MSc (Environmental Sciences) degree at UPEI and it was conducted in conjunction with the CIFOR Congo Basin Forests Adaptation and Mitigation (COBAM) project.
Jan Willem van Gelder & Laura German, CIFOR, Biofuel Finance: Global Trends in Biofuel Finance in Forest-Rich Countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America and Implications FOR GOVERNANCE 3-4 (2011), available at http://www.
Segun CIFOR (2000) a pesar que los PSA se consideran a menudo como instrumentos para el desarrollo sostenible, existe un debate a nivel institucional sobre los riesgos del mecanismo de causar un efecto socioeconomico negativo al fomenta el establecimiento de plantaciones a gran escala que consecuentemente pueden limitar el acceso a la tierras, debido a la ocupacion de vastos territorios provocando el desplazamiento de pequenos y medianos campesinos.
Proceedings a jointly hosted FAO, IPPC, IUFRO, CIFOR and UNEP expert meeting, FAO, Rome, September, 2002.
According to CIFOR, rapid growth in Brazilian beef sales overseas has accelerated destruction of Brazil's Amazon rainforest.
Reasons are often more pragmatic than just to vent feelings of injustice," notes Unna Chokkalingam, coauthor of the 2000 CIFOR report The Underlying Causes and Impacts of Fires in South-east Asia.
Simon Devung (Jakarta and Bogor: CIFOR, WWF Indonesia, UNESCO, and Ford Foundation, 2003).
In response to campaigns by environmentalists against the damage inflicted on forests by oil and mineral companies, CIFOR said such negative impacts resulting from mining and petroleum are only part of the story.
MMT agradece al CIFOR y al Centro de Investigacion en Biodiversidad y Conservacion, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos, por el apoyo otorgado para la realizacion de una estancia de investigacion posdoctoral en la UAEM.
Larry provided keen insight, thoughtful ideas and suggestions, and helped get CIFOR through some challenging early days as the collaboration expanded in membership and scope.
CSTE recommends an increase in the number of personnel working in foodborne disease epidemiology and surveillance in state and local health departments, and enhanced training opportunities, including use of the CSTE/CDC applied epidemiology competencies (6) and the CIFOR Guidelines for Foodborne Disease Outbreak Response (5).