CIFTACanada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (bilateral trade agreement implemented in 1997)
CIFTAConvención Interamericana contra la Fabricación y el Tráfico Ilícitos de Armas de Fuego, Municiones, Explosivos y otros materiales relacionados
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President Obama has called on the Senate to ratify CIFTA.
60) Thus, CIFTA would specifically criminalize the illicit manufacturing of 3-D printed firearms and signatory states would be required to take action against their proliferation.
As President Calderon and I discussed, I am urging the Senate in the United States to ratify an inter-American treaty known as CIFTA to curb small arms trafficking that is a source of so many of the weapons used in this drug war," President Obama proclaimed in Mexico City in April.
According to Denis McDonough, director of Strategic Communications at the White House's National Security Council, Obama has already included CIFTA on a list of high-priority treaties submitted to the Senate.
y la total implementacion de CIFTA ayudaria a detener el flujo de armas a los grupos ilegales colombianos y evitaria el desvio de armas a terroristas internacionales.
CIFTA, First Conference of States Party, Bogota, 8-9 March 2004, OAS doc.
The firm-level and CIFTA data presented here indicate, however, that the IBGE production series is seriously flawed: it is not, in fact, an index of output; it is really an index of sales volume, which declined far less than did the value of sales or the volume of output.
With the exception of Montserrat, all CARICOM members have since signed CIFTA.
President Obama called for congressional action on CIFTA while in Mexico
For example, a common concern about violent crime among members of the Organization of American States (OAS) led to the CIFTA convention and the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) model regulations, which apply to the trafficking of firearms but not to state-to-state transfers of military small arms and light weapons.
regulations, which are aimed at furthering the goals of CIFTA.
The President also urged the Senate to provide its advice and consent to the pending CIFTA treaty.