CIGACalifornia Insurance Guarantee Association
CIGACavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (Bedfordshire, UK)
CIGACertified Inspector General Auditor
CIGACalifornia Independent Grocers Association (Sacramento, CA)
CIGAConnecticut Insurance Guaranty Association
CIGACongress for Intragalactic Accord (science fiction)
CIGAComrades in Golden Arms (Jim Sinclair's Mineset website)
CIGACentral Illinois Geocaching Association (Normal, Illinois)
CIGACompagnia Italiana Dei Grandi Alberghi (Italian Company of Grand Hotels, Italy)
CIGACentral Illinois Greyhound Adoption
CIGACompanion of the International Guild of Artists (UK)
CIGAConstrained Integrated Grooming Method
CIGACommercial and Inherently Governmental Activities (US Army)
CIGAChoate International and Global Assistance (Choate Rosemary Hall; Wallingford, CT)
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While the conversion of the land to avocado groves is a major factor behind the loss of forests in the area, urbanization is also partly responsible, the CIGA report said.
The firm that was paid to carry out the work had disappeared so Terence took his case up with CIGA.
CGA will retain several CIGA signature programs, including its coupon redemption company, annual education conference and annual golf tournament.
Creo que durante estos primeros 30 anos de vida institucional el CIGA viene cumpliendo los fines para los que fue creado, en un tiempo cuando la geografia habia quedado rezagada frente a otras ciencias y se la consideraba como propia solo para la docencia secundaria.
Los argentinos del laboratorio CIGA (Centro Integral de Genetica Aplicada) estan mas que exultantes.
Faced with potential liabilities of more than $4 billion, CIGA moved quickly to develop solutions to the crisis.
In the following chapters, under "Lodging Options," you'll be reading about hotel chains that have major presences in Europe, such as CIGA, Forte, Le Meridien, Golden Tulip, Movenpick, and such U.
Editor's Note: Curiously, the attorney for the defendant explained that he "understood" he represented Reliance and its guarantor the California Insurance Guarantee Association (CIGA), but that neither Reliance nor CIGA hired him directly.
In addition to the CIGA exceptions, law and the FAR today include techniques that can be used in negotiated procurements to provide for efficient competition.
NSI systems have been adopted by a number of prominent organizations such as CISTI, the University of Alberta, and the National Library of Medicine; it has been awarded top honors in 1997 by CIGA as an innovation in work-flow solutions.
Originated in 1906 under the CIGA brand as a collection of Europe's most celebrated and iconic properties, today The Luxury Collection brand is a glittering ensemble of more than 80 of the world's finest hotels and resorts in more than 30 countries in bustling cities and spectacular destinations around the world.