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CIGARComparative International Governmental Accounting Research (academic network)
CIGARCovered In-Ground Anaerobic Reactor (trademark of Waste Solutions)
CIGARControls Instruments Gas Attitude Run-Up (Aviation)
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Dashwood was not too deeply absorbed in a cigar to remember his manners, so the second interview was much more comfortable than the first.
He had a neat little cart, painted green, with a box of cigars depicted on each side panel, and an Indian chief, holding a pipe and a golden tobacco stalk, on the rear.
He lit another cigar, and strolled on towards his hotel.
He had his room in dot house-not a cage, but a room-mit a bed and sheets, and he would go to bed and get up in der morning and smoke his cigar und eat his dinner mit Bertran, und walk mit him hand-in-hand, which.
Would she not see the red tip of my cigar moving about in the dark and feel that I wanted eminently to know what the doctor had said?
I found the ash of a cigar, which my special knowledge of tobacco ashes enables me to pronounce as an Indian cigar.
Now, down here in the Matto Grande"--he swept his cigar over a part of the map--"or up in this corner where three countries meet, nothin' would surprise me.
Oh, this is an Havana, and these others are cigars of the peculiar sort which are imported by the Dutch from their East Indian colonies.
Well, John was to come and see us act this evening, but just as we were starting he said he wouldn't; he had got an interesting book and a cigar.
But the stupid world (in the person of the boy at the cigar emporium next door) jeers at such tokens of love.
I knew Strickland well," he said, as he leaned back in his chair and lit the cigar I had offered him.
I observed that the ladies were getting angry--over my cigar, doubtless.