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CIHChartered Institute of Housing (UK)
CIHCertified Industrial Hygienist (ABIH)
CIHConstant Image Height
CIHCrédit Immobilier et Hôtelier (French; Moroccan bank)
CIHChen Ing-Hau (creator of the Chernobyl Virus)
CIHCamshaft in Head (engine)
CIHComité Interministériel du Handicap (French: Interministerial Committee on Disability)
CIHCentre d'Ingénierie Hydraulique (French: Hydraulic Engineering Center)
CIHClassification Internationale des Handicaps
CIHCash in Hand
CIHConey Island Hospital (Brooklyn, New York)
CIHCompagnie Immobilière d'Hardelot (French real estate company)
CIHCentre d'Immunologie Humaine (French: Human Immunology Center)
CIHCertified Incident Handler
CIHCaffeine-Induced Hysteria
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We are pleased, though not surprised, that none of them were impacted by CIH.
We have the technology that allows us to recapture the portions of the system's data that were destroyed by the CIH virus," said Jim Reinert, director of worldwide software for Ontrack.
When CIH activated last time, in April 1999, it caused the biggest ever damage done by a virus.
CIH works with over 200 domestic and international clients that produce, trade, consume, or import agricultural commodities.
DOE's recognition of the principles of industrial hygiene and CIHs for managing and supervising beryllium inventories, hazard assessments and exposure monitoring underscores our mutual commitment to worker health and safety," said AIHA President James Thornton.
This proactive step will ensure the public that an individual involved in the industrial hygiene profession using the titles CIH or IHIT has met minimum qualifications that protect public health and safety," stated AIHA President James Thornton.
CIH virus, often referred to as the CIH or the Chernobyl virus.
MINNEAPOLIS, April 27 /PRNewswire/ -- With the CIH virus affecting thousands of computer users across the globe, ONTRACK Data International, Inc.
Spokespeople will be available this weekend to give information on the virus' pathology and how to cure it, and can also discuss what CIH means for the continuing evolution of computer viruses.
CCHI and CIH are wholly owned subsidiaries of Charter Communications Holdings, LLC (Charter Holdings).
can play an important role in the battle to protect data from the latest virus scare, CIH, the so-called 26th April virus.
For each $1,000 principal amount of tendered Old 2011-2012 Notes, CIH will issue CIH Notes with a principal amount of $1,000 and the same coupon as the corresponding series of Old 2011-2012 Notes.