CIHECenter for International Higher Education
CIHECouncil for Industry and Higher Education (UK)
CIHECommission of Institutions of Higher Education
CIHECentre for the Integrated Home Environment (Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering; Loughborough University; UK)
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Table groups revealed that many CIHE need to do more to advance the conversation of CIT among faculty and students, discussing how this is manifested in CIHE course work and other practical experiences in schools of education.
The last day of the conference started with table conversations focused on how CIHE must collaborate with one another and with Pre-K-12 Catholic schools and dioceses, producing a list of strategies for implementing innovative initiatives and collaborative partnerships.
Mary Grace Walsh, however, challenged CIHE to reach out beyond their local borders, as there are many dioceses, like hers, that lack close proximity to Catholic higher education institutions.
Third, participants called for CIHE with centers for Catholic education to commit to developing research topics with local dioceses, reporting and publishing that research so that superintendents can disseminate findings.
The Roche Center is currently working with graduate students from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College to investigate and evaluate possible approaches in collaboration with NCEA and other centers for Catholic education at CIHE to begin the campaign in the spring of 2012.
Our CIHE schools of education and centers of Catholic education must take the lead and include Catholic schools and CIT in America in their "obligatory conversations" as they prepare the future leaders in education.
Finally, it was suggested that a collaboration between CIHE and pre-K-12 Catholic schools should extend beyond the support of schools of education.
dean of the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, spoke about the collaboration between CIHE and pre-K-12 Catholic schools from the higher education perspective.
Competition among institutions (between pre-K-12 schools and other pre-K-12 schools and CIHE and other CIHE) is an issue that must be addressed in order for Catholic institutions to cooperate.
The gathering of this data would constitute the "agenda" for research investment for CIHE, as well as define the content for training and certification by these institutions.
Finally, CIHE would need to identify the research to build the training programs necessary for the promotion of this label.
There was agreement among most of the participants that collaboration between pre-K-12 Catholic schools and CIHE is greatly needed.