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Beginning with the 2007 abortion statistics, CIHI has provided documentation of the total number of abortions but the abortion rate per 1,000 is not provided.
Prior to 2001, Maryland charge data was used by CIHI to calculate national relative cost weights for CMGs[TM].
21) CIHI, "Cadaveric Donors, Canada 1993-2002 (Number and Crude Rate per Million)", online: CIHI <http://secure.
The CIHI reports that in 1995 the federal share of health care spending (including tax point transfers) was 33 percent.
As in a prior study that used the CIHI Discharge Abstract Database, age and comorbidity predicted short-term mortality following radical nephrectomy with IVC thrombectomy in our analysis.
In particular, CIHI has reported regularly on pan-Canadian health system performance comparisons at various levels (regional health indicators, wait times, hospital level measures such as the Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio) in the last fifteen years (Canadian Institute for Health Information 2007; Canadian Institute for Health Information 2013a, 2013b).
For example, an early estimate by CIHI states that some 2.
This is the first time the CIHI has looked at the topic.
CIHI uses the data in its reporting on health systems across the provinces;
14) Canadian Institute for Health Information, News Release, "Canada's Organ Donation Rate Still Too Low to Meet the Need, Reports CIHI" (14 April 2004), online: CIHI <http://secure.
CIHI is a national, not-for-profit organisation responsible for collecting data on healthcare services, health spending, population health, and for producing in-depth analytical and summary reports on the health of Canadians and the healthcare system.