CIIFADCornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development (Ithaca, NY)
CIIFADCornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development (New York, USA)
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For its 'Project on Global Marketing Partnership for SRI, CEDAC was jointly given the prestigious International SEED (Supporting Entrepreneur for Environment and Development) award, with the CIIFAD and farmers' organisations in Madagascar and Sri Lanka.
China's Ministry of Agriculture supports ongoing evaluation of SRI by the China National Rice Research Institute, the China National Hybrid Rice Research and Development Centre, and the Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, in association with CIIFAD.
Dr Uphoff from CIIFAD, on the other hand, contends that field tests of SRI across 22 districts in Andhra Pradesh, India, were highly successful, except in soils afflicted by salinity.