CIIMSCentral India Institute of Medical Sciences (Nagpur, Maharashtra, India)
CIIMSCanadian Information and Image Management Society (Ontario, Canada)
CIIMSCentral Integrated Information Management System (Unisys)
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In the highly demanding academic segment, the GE Healthcare brand stands out for being the most closely associated, or very closely associated, with different aspects of a customized CIIMS solution.
To satisfy the needs of various stakeholders and cardiology practitioners across the service line, CIIMS solutions need to have considerable cardiovascular care area breadth and depth.
Another significant finding in the independent Frost & Sullivan research is that over the past few years, the enterprise, business and IT C-suite have played an increasingly prominent role in the CIIMS vendor selection and decision-making processes.
1] with its Universal Viewer offering are perfectly in line with this need to align stakeholder incentives with a well-rounded CIIMS solution," observed Daher.
In this analysis, Frost & Sullivan's analysts thoroughly examine the following markets: stand-alone cardiology picture archiving and communication system (C-PACS), stand-alone cardiovascular information system (CVIS) modules, and integrated single-vendor CIIMS (C-PACS/CVIS).
Regardless of the relative maturity of the North American C-PACS and CVIS markets, there are growth opportunities in several clinical, product and customer sub-segments of the CIIMS market.
Additionally, healthcare providers' intensifying requirements for a single point of access to patient data and participation in enterprise IT consolidation efforts are finding resonance in the new generation of integrated CIIMS.
This single point of access is achieved mainly through enhanced system integration and interoperability, key features of the more recent CIIMS solutions," said Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Nadim Daher.
In addition to the workflow automation and document management features of the CIIMS system, there is a full client-server complaint tracking application that manages all data information for insurance companies and citizen complainants as well.
Ultimately, CIIMS will enable the department to electronically transmit complaints to insurers so that complaints and other documents will no longer need to be mailed to licensees.