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Domestic experiences with the right to truth were shared at conferences such as CIIR and Aspen.
This second phase, characterized by the proliferation of truth commissions, interestingly corresponds in time to Velasquez Rodriguez and the CIIR and Aspen Conferences.
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A spokesman Mark Morley said, "The CIIR is a highly respected outfit but they are not an agency of the bishops' conference.
It is expected that technology from the ongoing results of development at Sovereign Hill and the research at the CIIR will be folded into the mainstream Dataware II Knowledge Management Suite in the next and future releases of the product.
ACSIOM, as the official technology transfer and licensing agent for software technology developed at UMASS by CIIR, has already spun off a number of private start-up companies," according to its president, W.
Whitewater, WI Mixers Ohio Capabilities Company APV Engineered 1 gallon to 6,000 gal, 50 CPS to Coatings 2,000,000 Biltrite Industries NR, BR, SBR, IR, CR, CIIR, IIR EPDM Blair Rubber Co.
com Katherine Calitzo Equipment: Calenders, extruders, internal mixers, mills, mixers and slitters Services offered: Custom mixing, recipe development Mixing capabilities: NR, BR, SBR, IR, CR, NBR, CIIR, IIR, EPDM Capacity: 80 million lbs.
CR, CIIR, CO, ECO, ACM and others all must be curable using the new system for it to be capable of replacing the conventional lead and thiourea systems.
Equipment: #11 mixers, F-270 mixer Mixing capabilities: SBR, NR, NBR, CR, ECO, CSM, EPDM, IIR, CIIR, FKM, CPE Tech service: yes Recipe development: yes ProBlend Division Bell Mill Rd.
Table 1--location of test recipes for synthetic rubbers Synthetic rubber being tested ASTM test method SBR with or without oil D3185 SBR oil and black masterbatch D3196 Polybutadiene D3189 Oil extended polybutadiene D3484 EPDM with or without oil D3568 IIR (butyl) D3188 BIIR and CIIR D3958 IR (synthetic polyisoprene) D3403 NBR D3187 NBR mixed with carbon black (masterbatch) D3848 CR D3190 Table 2--established industry reference materials now available No.