CIITEConsortium for Indian Information Technology Education
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It is also providing an Aladdin Content Security Course, consisting of a set of IT security training DVDs, for CIITE institutes, incorporating discussions of enterprise security basics, challenges and implementations.
CIITE conducted an extensive, year-long evaluation of proposals from leading IT security vendors, including in-depth evaluations of software solutions and video-based training materials, ultimately selecting BindView to develop the curriculum, and the company expects to establish BindView methodology as the de facto IT security compliance standard for all of India.
Organizations like CIITE are looking for proven IT security compliance methodologies like BindView's to create a best practices framework for large-scale training and professional development that Indian software and services companies are bringing to their U.
According to Matin, "while the contract value will not have a significant impact on the company's financial results in Q2 of 2005, we believe it marks the beginning of a continuing and successful relationship with CIITE.