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CIKCentral Index Key (SEC)
CIKCytokine Induced Killer (cell type)
CIKCommission Internationale de Karting (French)
CIKCrawling Insect Killer
CIKConfederazione Italiana Kendo (Italian Kendo Federation)
CIKCash Is King (Indianapolis, IN)
CIKContribution in Kind
CIKCrypto Ignition Key
CIKContent Is King
CIKChrist Is King (Ellicott City, MD internet service provider)
CIKCompany Identification Number
CIKCryptographic Identification Key
CIKConcrete on Rolled I-Beam Composite (civil engineering)
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RetroNectin Activated CIK Cells Had Stronger Proliferative Ability.
CIK cells are generated by culturing peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) with interferon-[gamma] (INF-[gamma]), monoclonal antibody against CD3 (anti-CD3), and IL-2 in a particular time schedule.
CIK cells have been used to treat many types of malignant tumors in clinical trials, where they displayed limited toxicity and some efficacy.
In conclusion, our results showed that after activation by RetroNectin, CIK cells displayed stronger and faster proliferative ability, even in an environment without extraneous IL-2, and enhanced the activity of Th1 cells.
Most serves on the CIK board of directors and is its marketing chair.
Interactive agency SpireMedia was formed after Mike Gellman, then president of Gig Media, and Paul Schrank, then president of Schrank Interactive, met at an early CIK gathering.
According to Gellman (the CIK member most resembling a snowboarder, which he is), "New York and Denver are about as similar as Tipper Gore and Puff Daddy.
Shaikh Abdullah will deliver the international championships calendar approved by the CIK committee in its meeting last August for its final approval.
CIK Chairman stressed that the new Bahraini achievement couldn't have accomplished without HM the King's support for the motorsport sport in Bahrain.
The world-class facility is the only karting circuit in the world equipped for night-time racing, making this upcoming meeting the first-ever CIK races to be held all evening.
It will be a great honour for Bahrain, the CIK and the FIA to see the World Karting Championship and Academy Trophy visit for the first time the Middle East region," explained president of BMF and CIK-FIA Shaikh Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa.
Bahrain's progress was witnessed by Bahrain Motor Federation and CIK president Shaikh Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa and CIK member Mazin Al Hilli.