CIKRCritical Infrastructure and Key Resources
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The first major change involves the DIB as well as CIKR owners and operators within the private sector.
Current laws preclude the US government from levying a similar contractual requirement on CIKR owners and operators.
Industry owns and operates most of the critical infrastructure, affording it a better understanding of CIKR assets, systems, networks, and facilities.
The creation of cross-border regional CIKR consortia.
The express inclusion of the goal of assurance of CIKR protection and resilience within the cross-border emergency assistance compacts for the Pacific, Prairie, Central, and New England/Maritime regions.
Specifically, DHS is developing or updating programs to assess vulnerability and risk at CIKR facilities and within groups of related infrastructure, regions, and systems to place greater emphasis on resiliency.
CIKR represents independent plan administration firms that help plan sponsors buy services from different vendors.
Compared to the 2006 NIPP, DHS's 2009 update to the NIPP incorporated various changes, including a greater emphasis on regional CIKR protection planning and updates to DHS's overall risk management framework, such as instructions for sectors to develop metrics to gauge how well programs reduced the risk to their sector.
We are pleased to apply our experience in building partnerships with the CIKR sectors and our understanding of the unique characteristics of these infrastructure sectors to assist in the implementation of the PS-Prep Program.
ASPPA and CIKR commended Chairman Miller for his leadership in enhancing the disclosure to retirement plan fiduciaries and participants, which is critical to securing a dignified retirement for American workers.
According to Pozek, "Sentinel Benefits Group, ASPPA and CIKR represent a significant portion of defined contribution plans and we are here today to make specific recommendations that will strengthen and simplify the benefits statements required by the PPA SS508.
Membership in CIKR consists of independent 401(k) plan Recordkeepers (and those companies that provide support to independent Recordkeepers) that provide their services either directly to plan sponsors or through other retirement plan service providers.