CIKRCritical Infrastructure and Key Resources
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By law, DHS is to lead and coordinate efforts to protect several thousand CIKR assets deemed vital to the nation's security, public health, and economy.
Specifically, DHS is developing or updating programs to assess vulnerability and risk at CIKR facilities and within groups of related infrastructure, regions, and systems to place greater emphasis on resiliency.
Recommendation: To better ensure that DHS's efforts to incorporate resiliency into its overall CIKR protection efforts are effective and completed in a timely and consistent fashion, the Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection should develop performance measures to assess the extent to which asset owners and operators are taking actions to resolve resiliency gaps identified during the various vulnerability assessments.
The express inclusion of the goal of assurance of CIKR protection and resilience within the cross-border emergency assistance compacts for the Pacific, Prairie, Central, and New England/Maritime regions.
35) Its primary objectives are to "promote and enhance" regional Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources ("CIKR") resilience efforts, to provide the "foundation for regional cross-sector collaboration" and to educate the public and private sector on the inherent interdependencies in regional CIKR systems.
As the agency with the best understanding of cyber threats, USCYBERCOM should be redesignated as the principal agency for developing and implementing cybersecurity measures across all US government agencies (by authority of US Code Title 40) and the previously discussed DIB and CIKR owners/operators (by authority of US Code Titles 10 and 32, respectively).
The first major change involves the DIB as well as CIKR owners and operators within the private sector.
Any inconsistent disclosure requirements based on the service provider's business model will not allow an 'apples to apples' comparison of each service provided to a plan," said Tommy Thomasson, Chair of CIKR.
Thomasson offered the support of ASPPA and CIKR for the equitable application of the plan fiduciary disclosure rules proposed in H.
CIKR is a sister organization of the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA).
Through direct outreach, engagement, and dialogue with members of the CIKR sectors, Energetics will assist in securing significant leadership from the private sector in the development of implementing frameworks to apply standard compliance to the unique preparedness challenges faced by each of the 18 CIKR sectors.
Compared to the 2006 NIPP, DHS's 2009 update to the NIPP incorporated various changes, including a greater emphasis on regional CIKR protection planning and updates to DHS's overall risk management framework, such as instructions for sectors to develop metrics to gauge how well programs reduced the risk to their sector.