CILECompagnie Intercommunale Liégeoise des Eaux (French: Liege Intermunicipal Water Company; Liege, Belgium)
CILECenter for International Legal Education
CILECentro Internacional de Lengua Española (Spanish)
CILEConsortium for Innovative Legal Education (various locations)
CILECall Information Logging Equipment
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Dr Mohammad Ghaly, Professor of Islam and biomedical ethics from CILE, will deal with aACAyEthical conundrums of organ donation through the lens of Muslim religious scholars' while Dr Riadh Fadil, Professor of Urology & Transplant Surgery and Director of Qatar Organ Donation Centre, will present the Doha model of organ donation under the title aACAyDoha model of organ donation: thinking beyond nationality', organisers said.
Las organizaciones y niveles correspondientes fueron: a) ACTFL en sus niveles intermedio bajo e intermedio medio; b) ALTE en sus niveles A1 y B1, en los rubros de habilidades generales, de estudiantes, trabajo y turistico-sociales; c) CILE, en cuanto a las competencias minimas de aprobacion del programa de Certificacion del Ingles como Lengua Extranjera, en sus descripciones de las etapas preintermedia e intermedia; d) Universidad de Cambridge, de acuerdo con los criterios de aprobacion de los examenes Preliminary English Test (PET) y First Certificate in English (FCE).
Mohammed Ghaly, professor of Islam and biomedical ethics at CILE, and chair of the WISH 2016 forum on 'Genomics in the Gulf Region and Islamic Ethics', said: "This event is just one of the outcomes of the long-standing collaboration between CILE and WISH.
Egbert Schillings, CEO of WISH, noted: "We are delighted to be working with CILE once again in tackling some of the thorniest ethical issues in modern healthcare.
Dr Fethi Ahmed, Research Co-ordinator at CILE, will present the lecture and explore some noble social ethics in the Holy Qur'an with reference to Surah Al-Hujurat (the Chambers).
The lecture was introduced by Professor Tariq Ramadan, CILE Executive Director, and participants included Jasser Auda, CILE Deputy Director, Jonas Otterbeck, of Lund University in Sweden, and Canadian script writer and filmmaker Zarqa Nawaz.
The event was part of a series of public seminars and lectures organised by CILE, combining both scholars of the Islamic Law/text and 'scholars of the context', in forums that tackled the critical issues in various fields and professions, including methodology, bioethics, environment, politics, food, psychology, economics, education, media, arts and gender issues.
Awards were given for the following categories: Championship Team to The University of Jordan , Runner-Up Team to University of Bahrain, Best Claimant Memorandum to Sultan Qaboos University (Oman), Best Respondent Memorandum to Baghdad University (Iraq) , Best Individual Oralist --Claimant to Aisha Hassan Al-Emadi from University of Qatar, and Best Individual Oralist -- Respondent to Ali Haydar Kadhum from Baghdad University Since 2006, CLDP and CILE have introduced the Vis Moot in Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and Iraq.
CILE is the first centre of global dimensions seeking to focus on Islamic legislation and ethical thoughts.
The majority of CILE members are long-time Mac users; thus, the inherent use of this computer brand at their workplace.
Dr Mu'taz Alkhatib, assistant of methodology and ethics at CILE, will moderate the talk.
Having worked at CILE for the past 8 years, some of the times on a weekly basis, and with an unprecedented sociable and amiable environment, I became conscious that I was already acquainted with most of the information I needed for the project.