CIM3Computer Integrated-Man-Machine Manufacturing (CSCW techniques in the CIM framework; first used in 1991)
CIM3Collaboration in huMan-Machine-Methodology
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In addition to Health and Safety, Quality is the other Key Practice Area in the CIM3 model.
However, CIM1, CIM2 and CIM3 which were the best media formulations in terms of callus induction for Rio Grande, turned out to be least responsive compositions in case of cultivar Moneymaker as evident from the significantly lower callus induction responses on these three media formulations.
SIM1, SIM2 and SIM3 were similar to CIM1, CIM2 and CIM3, respectively.
However, similar to the CSMC Trust 2012-CIM1 and CSMC Trust 2012-CIM2 transactions issued by Credit Suisse earlier this year, CIM3 does not include binding arbitration to resolve repurchase disputes for all sellers/originators.