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CIMARCenter for Intelligent Machines and Robotics (University of Florida)
CIMARConstruction Industry Model Arbitration Rules (Society of Construction Arbitrators)
CIMARComptroller Information Management Annual Report
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He continues, "Being one of the largest medical image clouds in the US, DICOM Grid's solution is extremely well proven, and has been tailored by Cimar to perfectly align with NHS and national conformance pre-requisites.
Other Team CIMAR members, in addition to Smiths, include Autonomous Solutions, Inc.
CIMAR aims to be a leading center for interdisciplinary basic and applied research related to the many aspects of robotics.
Team CIMAR was selected as one of only 43 semifinalists (out of 200 teams) to continue qualification rounds for the final Grand Challenge race.
After dedicating thousands of hours to building and testing a new robot for this year's contest, we are confident Team CIMAR is a formidable competitor in this year's contest," said Dave Armstrong, project manager of Team CIMAR.
That's like traveling across the state of Florida," said David Armstrong, CIMAR team leader.
The purpose of the race is to encourage robotic engineers, such as the members of Team CIMAR, to develop "autonomous" technology that will one day be capable of operating unmanned military vehicles in areas too remote or dangerous for human operators, according to the DARPA Grand Challenge Web site.