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He will be responsible for leading the company's business innovation and product strategies to allow CIMCO to strengthen its solutions offerings and footprint throughout the US, the company said.
They also had to run chilled water through the pipes to remove some of the heat," said Cbarlie Noseworthy, technical services manager for international operations at CIMCO.
Capraro says that CIMCO invites a guest speaker to educate the advisory board on a subject after getting a consensus beforehand on an appropriate topic.
Norm Desmarais, manager of the Montreal office of CIMCO, said the refrigerated warehouse has various process temperatures throughout the building.
In helping CIMCO clients make decisions about their personal transitions (and in raising two daughters of his own) Chris learned that people's legacy, children and charity are important and significant.
Ted Martin, PE, Member, CIMCO Refrigeration, Toronto, ON, Canada