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Spectral aerosol optical depth measurements by AERONET CIMEL photometers, which began regular observations in the territory of the meteorological station at Toravere on 3 June 2002.
This contract is - Upgrading the existing fleet by replacing at least 5 of the 8 facilities located in Bergues, Saint Sylvestre-Cappel, Mons Pevele, Lecelles, Le Cateau, Colleret, Etroeungt and Ferin;- The acquisition and commissioning of two new stations on the RD 642 (of hazebrouck sector) and RD 652 (Bypass North West Lille)- Operation and maintenance of all existing stations (and CIMEL WEATHER Open).
In Estonia, the AERONET CIMEL photometer began observations on 3 June 2002, at Toravere (58[degrees]15', 26[degrees]27', 70 m ASL), on the territory of the Tartu-Toravere Meteorological Station.